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Teaching and Mentoring: Mary M. Juzwik


TE 407 TE 407 (Teaching English to Diverse Learners)

TE 408 (Crafting English Teaching Practices)

TE 501/502 (Year-long Student Teaching internship)

TE 802

TE 835 TE 835 (Theory and Research in the Teaching of Writing)

TE 848 TE 848 (Methods of Writing Instruction)

TE 892 (Writing for Publication)

CEP 912 (Psychology of Literacy Learning: Writing)

TE 991 (Discourse Analysis)
Fall 2005
Fall 2007
Fall 2009 (

TE 994 **TE 994** (Practicum in Teaching English Teacher Education)

TE 995 (Research Practicum)

ENG 313 English 313.doc (Composition Workshop for Teachers)

ENG 413 Eng_413 (Critical Questions in Language and Composition)

English 301 (Language, Literacy, and Learning, taught in the English department at Northern Arizona University)

C&I 431 (Young Adult Literature for Schools), at University of Wisconsin, Madison


Communication Guidelines document

General Advice and Resources

Formatting a CV:

Web of English: the blog by Denis Baron, Professor of English at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign:

Linda Babcock and Sarah Laschever, Women Don't Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation and Positive Strategies for Change. Bantam, 2007. I cannot recommend this book highly enough - for women OR men. It's a very practical treatment of how to negotiate (that is, ask for what you want) in professional situations. The book offers quite a few examples about the negotiation issues in higher education.

Wendy Belcher, Writing your Journal Article in 12 Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success. SAge Press, 2009. (currently available on for $39.16). This book offers great support for novice academic writers - I'm looking forward to using it in a Writing for Publication course I'm teaching this fall.

Wendy Belcher's newsletter, Features:

Jay Lemke, A Guide for the Perplexed:
This is a treasure trove of short pieces on various topics of interest to aspiring academic writers.

Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Advice for Women in Academia, by Emily Toth. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia 1997. xiv+222.ISBN 0-8122-1566-4 (paper), $15.95 This book is full of wisdom about navigating an academic career for men as well as women.

"How to be a Leader in your Field: A Guide for Students in Professional Schools," by Phil Agre:

"Networking on the Network: A Guide to Professional Skills for PhD Students," by Phil Agre:

The Postgraduate's Guide to Getting Published, by philosopher Thom Brooks:

The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Inside Higher Ed:

Resources for Navigating a PhD at Michigan State

PhD Program Handbook, Curriculum and Teaching

The Graduate School Home Page

Spartan Book Store

MSU College of Education (COE)

MSU OOE Financial Support:

msugrads (wikispaces) (COE wikispace)

Digital Advisor, by Mary Kennedy


Common Core State Standards Initiative:

Applications for Teacher Certification in Michigan

MSU College of Education MACT Program (graduate study in Curriculum and Teaching):

Bread Loaf School of English (graduate study in English):

Michigan Department of Education

Michigan Teacher Certification Requirements

Michigan Council of Teachers of English:

National Council of Teachers of English

Secondary Teacher Preparation at Michigan State University

Secondary Intern-Mentor Teacher Handbook

Urban Educators Cohort Program, Michigan State University

College of Education Scholarships for Undergraduates: (Professor Allen Webb's website about the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification)